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Health Coaching


• Do you feel that you have tried every diet going in order to lose weight and get healthy?
• Tired of feeling overweight, unhealthy and disappointed in you?
• Would you like to gain a new perspective on your life and environment and how it’s contributing to your habits and decision-making?



Fact is that the Diet Industry fails its customer and not vice versa. They are too restrictive, complicated, time consuming and hard to fit into our daily lives and family situation. No room for individual needs and ability.The reality is that most people know what they need to do in order to stay healthy, but they just don’t do it. You know that eating a bag of crisps is unhealthy. That’s not rocket-science. But there are a lot of factors that go into why you still eat it.As a health coach I will look at all aspects of your daily life. Not just your calorie intake but also your overall lifestyle.I will support you so you can achieve your health goals. Together we will come up with a plan and through lifestyle and behaviour modifications transform your goals into actions.This could include everything from losing weight, de-stressing, gaining energy or improve your nutrition.